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The Idea

Everything started during the month of November, 2021.

Our team went to all the crypto conferences held in Lisbon:

Liscon, Solana Breakpoint and Cosmoverse.

In these events we met a lot of people from all over the globe and there was always one topic:  the interest of moving to Portugal!


With that in mind, we decided to create Based in Lisbon, a consulting company that helps you making a seemless move to Portugal!

reunião de negócios

The Goal

Based In Lisbon's goal is to assist the relocation process, as receiving individuals and companies from the Web3 Space in Portugal in order to build one of the biggest crypto communities in the world! 


With our trusted partners, we can help you with everything you need to make the move: Golden VISA | NHR | Taxes & Accounting Information | Insurance | Corporate Events | and much more !

We intent to partner and support every Web3 Event in Lisbon, with our side events, community and expertise aiming to show the world our amazing City and Country.

Let's make Lisbon the hub for crypto! #LisbonCryptoHub


 NIF/NIPC: 516780913

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